Participation Fee & Travel Reimbursement

Food and accommodation will be provided free of charge for the full length of the course.

The course will have a participation fee to be paid before hand by bank transfer or paypal, in order to confirm your participation in the course along with a proof of your travel booking.

The exact amount you choose to contribute will be, depending on your financial possibilities, something from 40 € to 120 €

The course is co-funded by the ERASMUS + program.

As such, each participant will get 100% of travel expenses reimbursed, up to 275 €.  (180€ for spanish participants).

Please note: We can reimburse only the cheapest transportation possible and only public transport, 2nd class fares. Taxi is not refundable, as well as private cars.

For the reimbursements, we will need:

  1.  An invoice with the itinerary of your trip, the names of the passengers and, very important, the PRICE of the ticket. Usually all this information is available on the e-tickets for flights.
  2. All your original travel tickets and receipts (train and bus tickets, boarding passes, etc.). The boarding pass is a very important document, the only evidence that you took the flight, and is required by National Agency for the reimbursement. We cannot provide reimbursement without these documents, and it will be your responsibility to take good care of them.

*Important notice*

  1. to determine where you are from, residence and the official residence card is the counting factor, not nationality. We can give you a reimbursement as long as you travel to and from your country of residence, no matter what nationality is shown on your passport.
  2. In agreement with our National Agency to be legible of reimbursement and count as an official mobility in this project participant travel dates have to be no more than two days before and after the official arrival and departure dates. This means you have to prove you left your country no earlier than the 14th and arrived back no later than the 25th of september.
  3. The reimbursement will be done after the end of the project, after we successfully get all the tickets and boarding passes from the trip back home. Consider 4-6 weeks while we process all the documents and organize the transfers. More information about when and where to send the tickets, and the relevant reimbursement form will be given during the training course.

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