The Team


Project Coordinator & Life Science Facilitator

Lidia was born in Asturias, green Spain.

After studying Nature Conservation, she co-founded a social coop whose main mission is to practice and promote non formal nature based learning, since 2011.

She loves biology and life sciences! and her passion is to share knowledge and skills for us all to create an imaginarium of nature.

She loves working closer to the Earth on local and multicultural projects, and she is also dedicated to art workshops, sustainability and rural ecology.

“Our world is alive! and that’s the richest gift we have.”



honzaLife Skills Facilitator

Honza Látal is from South Bohemia, active in youth work, non-formal education and training since 2002.

He loves running in forests, plays instruments, does body performances, collects stones and Norwegian music.

He is passionate about macro photography, interested in religions and cultures, promotes connecting nature, art and spirituality in learning.

Recently he works as a nature guide and uses natural elements in coaching and self development.





Support coordinator & Holistic Science Facilitator

Born & raised in Spain, Seb has worked on his organic family farm since 2003.

In 2008 he completed a MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College (UK).

In 2011 he co-Founded Gaia y Sofia, a small social company with a group of friends.

He works 3 part times as farmer, IT geek & holistic (re)searcher.

He loves sharing a deep ecological sense of place, self & community.

Inspired by great teachers and mentors as facilitator and communicator Seb has a theatrical style that shares rituals, symbols and challenges with the intention to start a group living story on new meanings in life.


Special Speakers


Carmen Maraschin

Carmen started her professional life as an environmentalist with a degree in Biology and a specialisation in Marine Ecology. Being always interested in the interchange of energies among different elements of our ecosystem, Carmen was astonished when she discovered Astrology because it added a psychic dimension into her worldview. After several years of study, she developed a practice in Lisbon which is still active after 25 years. Later on, she continued her studies attending the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. At that point, she developed workshops exploring the role of Astrology in bringing together science and spirituality and, in the process, contributing to a more sustainable worldview. Carmen completed her MSc (Distinction) in Holistic Sciences at Schumacher College in 2009 with a dissertation exploring astrology as a language that is able to decode fields of meaning and purpose that pervade the whole universe and its linkages to holistic science. Carmen brings to the course an interesting and unusual way of looking at the underlying sources that may link inner and outer manifestations through meaningful synchronicities and from that an evolving notion of a Cosmic Gaia.


Sergio Maraschin

Sergio Antonio Maraschin has worked as a field geologist, environmental specialist, project manager and corporate advisor over his 35 years of professional experience. Sergio has a wide exposure to all aspects of non-renewable resources. He has worked as a corporate environmental advisor for Billiton International, Gencor and Shell International in setting policies and standards, designing and implementing systems and projects, as well as managing a large number of integrated impact assessments and restoration projects. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Portugal, Indonesia, Holland, United Kingdom, Syria and Algeria with assignments to other regions of the globe. He holds degrees in Geology (UFRGS, Brazil), Environmental Management (University of London), Economic Geology (McGill University) and Holistic Sciences (MSc Distinction, Schumacher College). Sergio brings to the course his knowledge and passion for the complex Gaian links among rocks, life, water and ecology. His experience can also contribute to the debate of living in harmony within Nature while having to rely on the exploitation of natural resources.

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